Madrid Destino

Madrid Destino
C/Conde Duque 9-11
28015 Madrid

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Mediacom 360 Marketing Interactivo, SL (1 referencia(s))

Mediacom 360 Marketing Interactivo, SL
Sector Pueblos, 30 4B
Tres Cantos
28760 Madrid
+34 622 39 06 01

Madrid Destino is an initiative launched by the Madrid City Council, whose mission in times of COVID-19 is to continue promoting culture and tourism in the Community of Madrid with a revolutionary format of free tours guided by an expert in a virtual environment.

From Digital Branding Ltd we managed to integrate an effective tool that could make communication between clients and guides real and prepare the virtual room where these appointments are held.

We managed to develop the tool tailored to the client, having a reservation form, appointment management, defined schedules, automated communication emails and rooms created automatically.